samedi 18 décembre 2010

PS2 is the best of the best

merry chrismas everyone!
I've received a PS2, with street fighter III third strike, shadow of colossus, katamari, odin sphere, and final fantasy XII... welcome to paradise... :) (I 've already played a lot to all of these, but never finished...)

and then just one post, but an important one :)
yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the complete sentai team. all around of it, you can see some test. If you prefer one of them, please sy to me. I am not completly decided :)

so after that, I am going to create their mecha's ^^

mercredi 15 décembre 2010

Glen Keane

pages 48 to 51 today :)
I hope you'll enjoy ^^

I've seen raisponce, this is a real great great disney movie. The animation is really amazing, more than a pixar long, I think.. Glen keane is a god ^^

I hope you 'll enjoy the picture under. It make me laugh a lot :)

samedi 11 décembre 2010

yeah 100 membres ^^

100 members, just thank you very much. Yes I know, it's not a very big number, but it's cool, anyway :)
I have a lot of retake on my comic's project. So today, I send some old stuff, sorry :)

Comment vous remercier de votre intérêt! ouais je sais c pas tellement mais ça me fait plaisir^^
en ce moment j'ai plus de retakes que de planches nouvelles XO
alors en attendant qq vieilleries (de cet été hein, rassurez vous!)
toutes ces illus sont tirés de concepts pas de moi, librement inspirés de design de Xav, des fois j'ai transformé à mort, des fois pas trop, enfin ctai le taff qu'on m'a demandé en tout cas..

I made each drawing in 3/4h