samedi 1 novembre 2014

robin hood SHERIFF and some news

finally I ‘ve finished it!
another design from robin hood ‘s story
it’s not a project, just for fun!
you can find other robin hood ‘s characters on my tumblr
if you like it, please reblog it! thank you!!! :)
I also have a FB page!
and a linkedin profile

It seems my work is on
thank you!!
indeed I m doing some freelance work for disney XD
I m very excited about that!
some news anyway :)
I m also storyartist on a 3D disney co production tv show named “ladybug” (since january 2014) until november 2014
that’s why I m not posting a lot these months, so busy, sorry about that V_V”
some pictures of the show here
I m improving so much with storyboard that’s amazing!
I m also going to start for real my animatic storyboard project (the soviet one ;p)  (it was on stand by since one year) (rebooting designs and storyboard), and I m going to post everything about this project, on that tumblr :)!revolution-short-film/cxtm
thank you for following!

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